I wanted to start my reviews on a positive note because I think it is very important to show appreciation to organisations especially when it’s absolutely deserved. It is so easy to grumble, criticise and highlight where people fall short, so everybody should make more effort to show appreciation whenever they can. So, I was delighted to start my reviewing career with a look at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative (or EBC).


I have been a regular customer at the Edinburgh Bike Co-operative for many years, I suspect since I started cycling for sport around ten years ago. I have bought loads of pieces of kit there, attended talks in the Bike Festival and had my bike fixed more times than I can remember. I’ve dropped in on numerous occasions to have something tightened or adjusted because, with gammy hands like mine, there are lots of fiddly wee jobs on the bike I just can’t do by myself.

In all the times, I have used EBC, I must say I have always been treated with respect and enjoyed my visit to the shop. As well as affecting my balance and coordination, my Cerebral Palsy affects my verbal communication, or speech. I will be the first to admit that I am hyper-sensitive about the way people talk to me. Many people, sometimes daily, assume I have a learning disability and talk to me accordingly. I have never once experienced this in EBC and have always been treated as an equal. The staff are generally knowledgeable and give great advice on products.

I am grateful that I live so close to the Bruntsfield shop. If I am looking for a particular piece of kit I know I will almost certainly get it there. I am grateful for the way I have been treated in this shop over the years. I was in a mobile phone shop this summer with a friend of mine who also happens to have CP. He was looking for something specific and I stood back while he was at the counter. I was horrified the way the young man spoke to and treated my friend. Unfortunately, it happens a lot to him too because he has slight communication difficulties. It just wouldn’t happen at EBC for which I am grateful and I look forward to shopping there again soon.